Adobe Illustrator Tablet graphic

This is a piece I created using Illustrator and mostly basic shape tools. I did employ some pen tool tricks “such as” adding and deleting anchor points to create the highlight shapes. The rest of it is created using several effects such as drop shadows, opacity, blur and finally I embedded a bitmap image from Photoshop to fill the open screen area. Photoshop and Illustrator work great together.

Digital Design and Illustration

Creating a convincing tablet illustration with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Color In Production Latest YouTube

Here is a link to my latest YouTube video, it’s a Camtasia recording from a lesson on using Color in Pantone and CMYK Production. The Application is Adobe Illustrator, and the total production runs almost 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy it and will take the time to look over my other YouTube videos.

Color In Production

Color In Production YouTube video

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I have always been a fan this great classic flick, but when I tried to recreate my favorite characters in Adobe Illustrator I got quite a lesson…

Scarecrow from OZ

Portrait of scarecrow from OZ.



Illustrator 3D filters:

I loveĀ  the 3D filters in Illustrator unlike Photoshop which seem more difficult to handle, Illustrator 3D filters are incredibly smoother and easier add, they are resolution independent and I think you will quickly figure out why it is better to use them over Photoshop 3D. I have selected a few of my latest pieces for you to review. Check them out:

Lincoln PDA

Lincoln Tech PDA Illustration.

Here is an Illustration that really has nothing to do with 3D filters but it is a good starting point, Illustrator creates great Illustration as well.


Advanced Advertising Design II

This semester I am teaching just one single student in a self-directed Advanced Advertising course. Her first assignment was to take an ad and re-work it based on a specific set of criteria… she was instructed to submit this ad into a student forum where unfortunately “there are no students” so , acting like a fellow student I created this modified ad and submitted it so she had someones work to critique. I chose the cigarette ad, reworked the copy slightly, kept the moody dark atmosphere and punched up the visual with a gun.


this is the ad as it started.

The is the ad as it started.

Go Ahead ad

And as it ended up.

What do you think!

What do you do with Photoshop

In this post are several example montages Adobe Photoshop excels at this sort of work, and all you really need is a little imagination. I am always tinkering with this sort of thing and what follows are some of my favorites. I hope you all approve.

City boy.

I started out with an image of a city building.


Mixed in a number of supporting images.


Photoshop 3D

Recently I worked on an assignment with a WyzAnt student who needed assistance working in Photoshop 3D. The image below is the result.

Building 3D in Photoshop

3D Photoshop

My impression of Photoshop 3D is that it is significantly more difficult than the 3D filters available in Illustrator. I will be posting some of that work at a later time. This time though, the bottle image is the Photoshop created 3D element while the background is regular layers manipulated in the Photoshop layers panel.

Visit me on Youtube

Here is the link to my YouTube site, where you will find my lesson videos.

What can you do with Photoshop?

Well for one thing, you can make incredible movie trailers. Here, is an example from one of my WyzAnt students “Max”. Max is quite proficient with these cool music videos and uses imagery from game sites, so together we produced this trailer for one of his videos “Time to Say Goodby”, it really shows the power of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Video Editing

Photoshop Video Editing

What is a CTA?

This Mod I am teaching a class in Advertising Design II at Independence University, where we start out with the Call to action, or CTA. The “CTA”, can be a banner, button, or some sort of graphic or even just text part of an AD that is meant to prompt a viewer to an immediate response. It is an essential part of inbound marketing advertisements as well as permission marketing advertisements in that it actively strives to convert a viewer into an active lead or full-blown customer.

Here are several examples of typical CTA’s: