Illustrator 3D filters:

I love  the 3D filters in Illustrator unlike Photoshop which seem more difficult to handle, Illustrator 3D filters are incredibly smoother and easier add, they are resolution independent and I think you will quickly figure out why it is better to use them over Photoshop 3D. I have selected a few of my latest pieces for you to review. Check them out:

Lincoln PDA

Lincoln Tech PDA Illustration.

Here is an Illustration that really has nothing to do with 3D filters but it is a good starting point, Illustrator creates great Illustration as well.

As for 3D filters there are 2. The 3D Revolve, and 3D extrude. Both work beautifully and with Illustrators resolution Independence you have infinite control over the art scaling, which you do not have with Photoshop artwork.

Here are some samples:

Can revolve start

Can revolve before mapping.

This is what you get with both an extrude can on left and a soda can revolve on the right. You use basic shapes as in the circle on the left for an extrude and the profile on the middle for the revolve, you must color your shapes correctly and you can also include multiple shapes into your 3D groups for more complex images.


With Mapping to main surface.

Here is what you get when you map artwork to the surface of your  Revolve, pretty sweet huh!

Here is an extrude with surface mapping:


Kitty food label mapped to extrusion surface.

The most important thing for you to understand about all this is once you revolve or extrude the shape and map it you are now free to rotate the object in 3D space.  What is even more incredible is that technically Illustrator is nothing more than a 2D Application.

Here are a few more:

Here are a couple of Candle Jars illustrations both created with multiple shapes in 3D Revolve.

Candle Jars

Candle jar Mockups created with 3D revolve filter.

This is the before and after of Candle tree ornaments showing both unmapped and mapped surfaces.

Candle Unmapped

Candle Tree ornament unmapped.

Candle mapped

Same candle ornament with mapped labeling.

The candle tree ornaments labeling are mapped onto revolve filter objects.

Candle inserts

Candle inserts.

This one is an interesting twist on 3D modeling. It was produced by creating basic shapes that have distort filters applied, copied, re-sized, color modified and then have a blend applied to them to simulate 3D. Illustrator is cool!

The tea box is also an extrude with multiple faces mapped.

Tea box

3D extrude of a Square tea box with multiple face mapping.

This final one is a hybrid of sorts… it includes both 3D and some conventional Illustrator tricks to simulate a milk carton.

3D milk carton

Hybrid milk carton design in Illustrator.

I think you get the idea, if you like what you see or if you got something visual to share let me hear from you.


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