ADONP Video, Final Project Master in Visual Communication

Above is the final project for my Master Degree in Visual Communication, August, 2017. The piece was designed and produced by me with the cooperation of both Louis Samara, video/audio recording and editing and Dr. John Corino Prosthodontist.

This was our very first combined effort and it worked fantastically, the only shortcoming was the audio sink which we never got 100%, it was however good enough for us to figure out how to proceed in the future and earned me a 100% for my final project and thesis paper.

In this production I provided design and production of the PowerPoint deck and creative direction for the video, Louis was the recorder of both the live sections of video and all of the audio, and of course Dr. John Corino provided both his charm and technical experience to the production. Overall this was a highly successful first effort that was both satisfying to Dr. Corino and my professor.

The mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator

Here are a couple of images from an advanced Illustrator class I did for the students as a demonstration of the mesh tool in Illustrator. The tomato is still in the process and the apple is what the art looks like after trace and prior to mesh. What do you think about Adobe Illustrator?


Some package mock-up’s for Baby

Here are 3 different packaging designs for soft baby towels, the first is a cardboard die cut hanger, the second is a clear plastic tube printed and capped with extruded plastic, the third is an extruded, printed cube shaped container with extruded caps. All artwork was done in Adobe Illustrator and the 3d filters Extrude and Revolve were used.

3lamour_card_frnt 4lamour_card_bk 7lamour_tube_frnt 8lamour_tube_bk 11lamour_cube_frnt 12lamour_cube_bk

Logo design for Ferma Flooring

Here is some of my latest work for FERMA Flooring, it is a logo design for their new brand of kitchen cabinetry “Signature”. For color inspiration of course I used Adobe Kuler, and for the logo art itself, it was created in Adobe Illustrator.


Part 2 unsolicited pitch:

This piece is the other part of the demonstration pitch… again, I already had the illustration of the tablet, all I had to do was follow branding standards and produce a web page version correctly sized for the tablet. This approach is as I mentioned earlier is most unexpected and really does put the interview in positive territory, a small investment of time really pays off. Plus, it creates for you another great permanent portfolio piece, no losers here!

Tablet sized web page

Tablet sized web page presentation piece

The unsolicited pitch:

The reason I am showing this is it’s part of a presentation pitch for a new customer. As graphic Designers we really do need to think very seriously about all pitches and presentations you make. What will help you stand apart from the crowd? Often it’s taking a little time to do something personal to help impress the potential client. Here I already had the cell phone artwork so I just needed to create a small compact version of the customers “already existing” web site in a configuration for smart phone. This whole process was less than a day’s investment in time for a far greater impact than just your typical portfolio demo. I do recommend the demonstration piece especially when unsolicited by the potential client, it really drives home a level of commitment to your work and a high degree of professionalism.

Presentation piece

This is a presentation pitch for Fer-Ma Flooring

The cell phone from

Here is another piece from the same website production, while this was not extruded or revolved it does illustrate the power of Adobe Illustrator illustration. This piece was rendered using primarily basic shapes, with some text, simple elements can do a lot if you know how to work them.

Visit the site to see the total production.

Cell phone illustration

Cell phone illustration from the website.

The Sharpie from

As I mentioned earlier I am posting some of the creative work from the new wrdesign site, here is the Sharpie pen illustration. I worked this in the 3D “Revolve” filter from a basic tracing of an actual pen, some minor liberties were taken but the goal was for a true to life representation of the product from within the 3D revolve environment, the logo was applied directly via symbol using the Map Art attribute.

Visit the site to see the total production.

3D revolve Sharpie Pen

Site illustration from, my personal website.

The latest incarnation of

I have just finished a new version of, the design is based on the 70’s and features some of the classic tools used by graphic designers at the time, with additional tools of today included. All of the graphic work was created either in Adobe Illustrator CS6 or in CC, featuring the 3D filter effects. I would be pleased if you visit look it over and give it your comment. I will be featuring some of the art objects from the production separately in future posts.

Home of wrsdesign

This is the latest home page for

Apple Watch

In this example I demonstrate how simple it is to create complex vector illustration using only Adobe Illustrator. This work was completed in hours, using predominantly basic shape tools. Several more advanced moves were also employed such as: offsetting paths, adding and modifying of anchor points, and “outline stroke”. Gradients were used “almost exclusively” for color. For the Apple text elements I imported a bitmap of the Apple logo “found online”, Image traced it and added the type from fonts available on my computer… matching the original copy as best I could. The whole thing was easy, took only a couple of hours and looks very convincing, Adobe Illustrator made it easy.

Digital Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

This is my rendering of Apple’s new watch in Adobe Illustrator